Who we are?

Friends of Sustainable Grids is an international Brussels-based energy non-profit committed to realizing a timely and efficient energy transition by focusing through concrete actions on Grids, Grid Users and Energy Education



The correct implementation of the TEN-E Regulation is crucial for the completion of the internal energy market. Within this context, FOSG helps effectively its Members-developers throughout all stages of the TYNDP, PCI and CEF processes. FOSG also fight for coherent fast-track infrastructure permitting though all of Europe. We actively participate in relevant stakeholder groups and have an unparalleled Brussels and international network.

Long-term transmission contracts

Long-term transmission contracts are the essential and badly needed counterpart of long-term renewable PPAs. Even though FOSG understands the grid concerns regarding long term capacity firmness, the current legal framework nevertheless allows for long-term transmission contracts. We advocate for the necessary clarification of the relevant regulatory framework.

Grid governance & tariffs

FOSG works on 2 main objectives : (1) enabling all grid users (including the ones promoting new energy technologies) to simplify their grid access, and (2) advocating stakeholders for a smarter and attractive grid remuneration acknowledging the value of grid services and assets.

Energy Education

Trust and understanding of the electricity system are 2 key components for a fast and efficient energy transition. FOSG actively promotes energy education through the organizations of numerous webinars and events wherein our key-note speakers address those components.

Who we are?

FOSG delivers concrete results for its industrial members and for the energy consumers.

For industry, FOSG provides efficient support and advocacy focused mainly on :

  • Promoting simplified grid access for all users, especially for storage & flexibility, large consumers, and energy communities and also encouraging better grid cooperation between all grids (T&D, power, gas, hydrogen, etc.;
  • Supporting the development of interconnections by all grid developers (active presence at the level of TYNDP/PCI/CEF funding/Permitting/Grid access;
  • Promoting clarification on long term transmission contract in order to accelerate integration of renewables;
  • Advocating for better grid tariffs by supporting an efficient combination of real incentive-based remuneration (energy as a service) and some asset-based remuneration;

For citizens, FOSG actively advocates for :

  • Better and more efficient communication between policy-makers and grid users;
  • Active and facilitated Energy Education for all citizens;
  • Dissemination of a better understanding of the importance of electrification.


FOSG Energy Education is a collaborative and international initiative, which aims to promote energy education and support the global energy transition towards a low carbon future.

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