Project Overview

FOSG education actions – in a nutshell

Tomorrow’s world is an electrified one for which the consumer holds the key and smart infrastructure will enable this to happen.

Our Message

It is critical to increase tomorrow’s consumers knowledge about energy and how it works, without which public acceptance becomes a challenge and the energy transition will not receive the support it needs.

Consumers must have a better understanding of the importance of electricity in our day-to-day life and of the advantages of favouring RES and seeking efficient solutions to support efficiency and related infrastructure developments. Policy-makers will take action much faster and with more confidence if they know they have consumer support.

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Friends of Sustainable Grids aims to support and foster efforts that promote a better understanding of what it means to be smart about energy, and of the consumer’s critical role in enabling the development of smart infrastructure and building a sustainable future.



• Ask policy makers to place energy education as a priority in both policy and practice.

• Lobby our governments to include energy education in school programmes.

• Encourage businesses to invest resources in the development of energy educational tools and facilities.

• Develop and disseminate media content to explain how people can benefit from energy transition.

• Facilitate partnerships between university, businesses and energy associations to share knowledge.

• Support bright students to study sustainable energy through the Scholarship Award in Memoriam of Ana Aguado.

• Organise Summer School on Future Energy.

• Host World Energy Education Summit to showcase and demonstrate how people can benefit from clean energy and smart infrastructure.

If you would like to be part of FOSG’s energy education efforts, please fill-in our non-legally binding