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Importance of Electricity

We are living in an increasingly “electrified” world that will significantly increase the social welfare and the general wellbeing of citizens. Ensuring secure, sustainable and affordable electricity supply for all, without endangering the environment, is thus becoming a fundamental yet challenging objective.

With so much running on electricity, policy measures need to be taken to enhance the development of critical infrastructure, which will require consumer support. This in turn becomes easier if consumers understand why these measures are critical, which is currently rarely the case because of electricity’s highly technical nature.

The more consumers know how electricity is brought to them, why infrastructure is essential and which adjustments are needed, the more likely they are to stand behind and support decision-makers and their policies.

Educating consumers on energy will ultimately facilitate the creation of the appropriate framework to enable proper infrastructure development, in turn giving consumers more certainty that electricity supply will be secure and sustainable, also benefiting future generations.


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Promoting Energy Education Actions

To facilitate the widespread and enhanced understanding of electricity by consumers so that the infrastructure needs can be met for the swift deployment of the benefits of a sustainable electrified world, we will:

• Encourage, and whenever possible, participate in relevant activities and actions facilitating energy education promoted by Friends of the Supergrid;

• Help propagate promotional campaigns and informational material with other participants; and

• Participate in, and where practicable, contribute to, regular meetings and actions fostering the development of energy education efforts.

We hereby show our support for Friends of the Supergrid’s initiative to enhance energy education through various actions and confirm that we share the basic approach outlined herein.


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